1 sonnia min

Experience they say can never be created, but can only be obtained, of which I got with Stutern. I got introduced to Stutern, registered and was shortlisted for interviews. Stutern didn't give up on me until I got a reputable & comfortable place to work & learn. They still checked up on me while I was working.

Sonnia Oguama

Fourth Year - Intl Law and Diplomacy

Babcock University

Interned @PentHouse Chambers

1 busayo min

Stutern is an innovative idea, which has given me the opportunity to gain on-the-job work experience while awaiting NYSC as most companies do not hire graduates that haven't served, as well as making me improve my skills when there is a "Challenge" and a prize money for the winner. Kudos to the Stutern team.

Busayo Obembe

Final Year - Physiotherapy

University of Lagos

Interned @Strawz

1 halimat min

Stutern has been very helpful. I was very lucky to have gotten my Industrial attachment placement, where i work presently, through the website. I am happy to have been part of this platform established for several interns and youths like me out there. Keep on with the good work guys!

Halimat Adesanya

Fourth Year - Computer Science

University of Lagos

Interns @Descasio

1 parklins min

I was already dissapointed with Nigerian online job platforms until I heard about Stutern. As a pretty young graphic designer, 3 years and counting, I logged on to Stutern to discover few but real internships and competitions. Guess what, in the first competition I participated in I won, I got the cash prize and an internship.

IC Parklins

Final Year - Computer Science


Interns @Cregital

1 sandra min

In less than two weeks of applying to four companies on Stutern, two companies got back to me & I interned with one of them. My internship was enlighting even though the workload seemed bulky at first. My stay was appreciated. I hope Stutern can also help graduate like they do with intern undergraduates.

Sandra Nwanozie

Fourth Year - Intl Law & Diplomacy

Babcock University

Interned @Strawz

1 oreofe min

Stutern gave me a platform that got me closer to top employers and an oppourtunity to participate in programming competitions — #CompeteToIntern, that helped me secure an internship job. Thanks Stutern

Oreofe Olurin

Final Year - Computer Science

UATM, Benin

Interns @MyMusic

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