Software Development

Beginners Course

Embark on an exciting journey of skill-building in our beginner's class and lay the foundation to become a successful software engineer.


Want to Apply for the Beginners Program?

As you apply for the program, you will need to take a brief initial assessment. This assessment is designed to evaluate your ability to learn if you are accepted into the program. You will begin with some preliminary lessons and materials before progressing to more advanced stages.

The beginners program is set to run for 3 months.


🧑🏾‍💻  You must complete Modules 1 - 3 in the Stutern short course

⏰  It takes approximately 3 hours to complete the modules

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Beginners Curriculum

This course covers the fundamentals of software development. At the end of this course, you will be well grounded in the implementation of HTML and CSS for web development and will build responsive web pages.


Introduction to Command Line and Git

Command line. IDE. Git. Advanced Git. Collaboration with GitHub.


Markup & Styling

HTML. CSS. Responsive Design. CSS Libraries.


Project and Portfolio Creation

Personal project. Portfolio Creation

Transparent & fair payment options

Prioritize learning now, and figure out payments later. From upfront to installment payments, there are flexible options to accommodate multiple circumstances.

Full Tuition Upfront


Pay your fees 100% upfront. No other charges come up during your learning or career.

Installmental Payment Option

Complete your payment within the first few months of the program in 3 payments. ₦95,000 + ₦95,000 + ₦90,000.


With a partner bank, you can get your tuition paid before the start of class and you pay back your tuition in 12 installments with interest.

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Want to apply for our intermediate programs?

This courses dive into the intricacies of differing software development specialisations.Take your skills to the next level with our intermediate programs

Frontend Development

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Backend Development

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Mobile Development

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